Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Landon's World

"Who are those people up there, mom?" (in an overhead walkway to the light rail)
"I think they are passengers from the train."
"What are passengers?"
"People who ride a train.  Or a plane.  Or a bus."
"Oh, so their name is people and their middle name is passenger."

Something like that.

We were doing our Memorial Day Annual Puzzle (though I can't remember if we've only meant to do this every other year), when Landon spilled his drink over half of it.

During the clean-up Bill said, "Landon, I could use a hand here."

And oh, so earnestly, Landon held up his hand in Bill's direction and kept it there.

Got you covered, dad.

Oh!  And now I must go b/c a certain favorite little boy just came in and said, "I can read now!" with a book in hand.

This oughtta be good.  

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  1. Oh my! I love him. So adorable in every way.