Friday, September 12, 2014

Colorado is a Girl in Love

Colorado is a girl in love.  Her boyfriend has been dressing her up in gold accents lately and like every newly infatuated, she gets a little ahead of herself and starts dreaming wedding.

So this morning she giddily traipses off to some celestial bridal shop and can't help herself--she's trying on a bit of white just to dream a bit.  You can almost hear her giggling to herself as she slips on a gorgeous white veil.  "Don't I look pretty in this?!"

She has enough restraint to not go full-on, snow-white gown of glittering extravagance, but you know she wants to.

So we wake up to this dusted veil of snow and have to agree, "You do look pretty, Colorado.  But without wanting to sound like a party pooper, wouldn't you like to slow it down a bit and still enjoy a whole season of all your awesome red party dress dates first?  The gold has been nice, but you still have a whole lot of red, russet, scarlet and even brown before you're ready to wear white, don't you think?

But if you've known Colorado for awhile, you know she's nothing if not fickle.  You may think she's all ready to settle down with Winter, but wait a few days.  I bet she'll be pulling out the floral prints and smashing blue skies with white cloud scarves billowing about again soon.

Because even for a girl in love, I doubt she'll be willing to skip that many fabulous fashion opportunities before she dons white.

Colorado is beginning to dream of white