Friday, August 9, 2013

New SAHM Seeks Meaningful Relationship with Productivity

 Productivity, I've enjoyed all kinds of relationships with you before, and yet in this new situation you  often seem to elude me.
If you are some Productivity looking to share a life with a grateful companion, here are a few of the qualities I am looking for:

Must love kids, routine tasks, and repetition. 
Must be willing to forgo personal pursuits for the greater good--none of this staying up to work on your blog (or any other personal interest, for that matter) and getting bleary and crabby the next day.  Leave the late nights to me.
Must be willing to enjoy both early morning hours(hungry baby) and the wee hours of the night (same hungry baby) without additional compensation.
Must be willing to double your efforts on holidays, birthdays, or around any seasonal transitions that disrupt schedules and sleep patterns of any person living in this home.
A can-do attitude, unflagging energy, and an eagerness to check off boxes on to-do lists is essential.
High tolerance for interruptions, set-backs, and obstacles is valuable.  Also helps if you have had experience working with diminishing expense accounts and aging company cars.

Phony Productivity with your degrees in Facebookology, Computer Game Level Acquisition, or Film Studies need not express their Pinterest.   I never have enough to show for time spent with you, and yet you manage to make me feel like I'm getting something done.

Preference will be given to Productivity that doesn't need group participation to get started, refrains from using the phrase, "Ok, People..." and doesn't hope I define myself by all its accomplishments.

I'm willing for you to have a slow start, but only serious applicants need apply.  

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  1. One of my favorite posts ever, mainly because I can SO relate. Maybe this season isn't so much about productivity after all? At least that's what I keep telling myself...