Monday, November 4, 2013

Front of the Line

Most extroverts love a good party.  They get their mingle on and meet new people and hear new jokes and tell new stories and eventually, make new friends.  They go home happy and filled up with an invigorating anticipation of meeting up with the most interesting of the new, the most favorite of the old, again.

But if you're an introvert, a good party might not hold as much promise.  

As an introvert, I have rediscovered my version of a great party: a new library.

I've recently been hired as a substitute librarian for a large library district and tonight went out to one of their smaller, more remote branches.  This collection doesn't get shipped out to fill any other requests.  In other words, all the newest, hottest titles stay on the shelves until someone local takes them home.

Book buyers who always just buy what they're craving when they want it won't understand, but in library world, patrons usually queue up for the newest, latest titles from the famous, well-loved authors.  So to walk in and see books with waitlists well over a hundred--well now, this was a great party.

Hobnobbing with the hot titles.  Mingling with the nominees.  Everybody dressed up in their finest, covers still shiny, pages still crisp.  They gave me a tour and my eyes kept bugging out as I saw title after title that would ordinarily be a "get in line because you and everyone else wants to read it."

I felt like I had finally made friends with the bouncer and cut in line at a club where all the best people were.

"Can I really take this one home?"

Of course.  Why not?

"Is this one meant for display?"

No, take it.

"I hope I don't seem too greedy."

No.  We love it.  Gets our numbers up!  Check out as many as you want.

So I did.  Almost three bags' worth.
And tonight, in pure introvert fashion, I can't wait to get my read on, meet new people, hear new jokes, hear new stories and eventually, make new friends.

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  1. Yahoo!!! Love it!!! But my greatest party is a well organized used book store that I can find titles that I need for my own personal collection. The one used bookstore in the Springs that I liked..well loved, went out of business. Ahhh...need to find a new one!