Saturday, March 10, 2012

My True Colors While on Drugs

I was a little nervous about what I might say when coming out of anesthesia after the wisdom teeth extraction.  Something embarrassing, perhaps?

The surgery went well, but my mom was beginning to wonder why it was taking so long.  Finally a nurse came out and told her, "She is doing well, but everytime we ask her if she is ready to go she asks, 'Can I just have five more minutes?'"

A sleep that deep, is it any wonder my standard line would rise to the surface?  

When Bill heard that, all he could say was, "That's my Jode." 

At least I had no deep dark secret to reveal in my semi-coherent state.

Unless you didn't already know that I am decidedly not a morning person.


  1. Oh Jodi. This is HILARIOUS. And totally me. I knew we were friends for a reason!

  2. Boy howdy, are you singing my song! But, I like to think of this post as a testament to the way you life your life with honesty and openness.