Monday, June 6, 2011

9 Parenting Tips During a Toddler Meltdown

Landon was being less than adorable--by such a large margin that I just sat there frustrated, wanting to get through the bedtime routine with less crying, kicking, writhing and insistent demands. (on his part--I was too tired to do anything but sit there and watch the drama) While waiting for one of Landon's little fits to lose steam, Bill handed me a typed paper with this at the top:

You're a Better Parent Than You Think!

It was so unexpected that it made me smile.  What is this?  Commentary on my parenting in the middle of a "moment"?

It was a list he had found somewhere.  And remarkably, it was just what I needed as a runny-nosed, watery-eyed, exhausted little boy rolled around near me, voicing all the frustrations of not having enough "tools" in his box to cope with the disappointment of the last story of the night.

Maybe you will need this list sometime, too.

    1. Discipline is love in action.  It is teaching at the most gentle hands a child will ever experience: a loving parent's.
    2. Good discipline is grounded in good sense.  New & improved parenting theories are new, but aren't always improved.
    3. Good parents make mistakes (lots of them) and learn from them.  Disciplining in fear of mistakes only erodes your self-confidence.
    4. Strong discipline isn't complicated.  It's founded upon a few basics and the will to persevere with those basics.
    5. Discipline is action, not talk.  Discipline with consequences and you'll discipline less.  Discipline with words and you'll discipline more.
    6. All discipline interacts with a one-of-a-kind child.  Some kids require 1/10 of the average amount of discipline.  Some kids....10 times the average.  Good parenting is parenting up to the level required.  Do what it takes for as long as it takes.
    7. Kids are built to misbehave.  It's in their essence.  It's who they are.  Expect misconduct for years.  Expect to discipline for years.
    8. Humans resist discipline--some a little, some a lot. It's a fact of human nature that we often fight what is good for us.  Resist your child's resistance.
    9. Good parents are misunderstood.  Really good parents are really misunderstood.  Strong parents face a lot of opposition these days, not because they are wrong, but because they are right.
 I wish I knew who wrote this.  Parts of it really resonate with me and point to areas I could grow as a parent.      Bill was pointing to number seven as the one he wanted me to take heart from, but I think many of them have something to offer.

It's a grand and noble goal:  I'd like to become a better parent than I am today.

I guess it wouldn't hurt if I got a little more sleep so I'd be able to access the tools I supposedly have in MY toolbox to deal with frustrations!

Good night, sweet friends!


  1. Great list Jodi! I'm going to have to put it up as a reminder to myself.