Friday, July 15, 2011

8 Hours in the Car with a Toddler: Endure or Enjoy?

We've all heard (or lived through) a few distressing travel stories: ears that wouldn't pop, kids who won't stop crying, sanity drizzling away faster than the miles gained.  So it wasn't without evidence that I felt a bit nervous about embarking on an 8 hour car ride with our two-year-old.  Could he make it?  Could we?

East to Nebraska

First stop: still in his pajamas

A stop at a museum lets us all stretch our legs

There are rules: you must take pictures
in front of large statues.

on the road again

letting the baby drive gave Bill and I a nice break

secret weapon brought out on the return trip
he's mesmerized

last of the secret weapons: needed for the final hour
coming home in Denver rush-hour traffic

hope he doesn't delete all my photos!

As it turned out, Landon was a little super-trooper, better than I had even hoped for.

We made it with flying colors.  And a one-pound pack of Red Twists.


  1. I'm glad the red twist went well for you! We forbid them in the car. One drive to Ft.Bragg to camp, 1 Costco nice red twists, 3 carsick girls later we arrived. I cleaned up so much "red stuff" that it has been outlawed in our cars for life. I'm so glad it went well for you!!!!!! I love your block Jodi. Makes me really miss YOU!

  2. WHAT? Clearly I should not respond while not sitting up! Translation:
    nice = size
    block = blog

    I knew I was tired.... didn't realize I was THIS tired!

  3. Oh, thanks for reading it, Nancy! I love it when people comment now and then....and I knew what you meant even w/o the translation. : ) What I probably SHOULD have clarified was that the twists were eaten almost entirely by ME. I can hear Bill asking now, "Twists--we had twists?" And Landon would echo if that's how he talked. I can't even buy the Costco size...they'd go way too fast. Sleep well, my friend!

  4. What great pictures! I loved the one where he gave you guys a little driving break. Too funny. I'm so happy it went well. Road trips with our kid(s) have proven a little...difficult, but we're gonna keep trying.