Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Flight of the Imagination...or Squirrel

flitterbick: a mythical flying squirrel that moves so fast no one has ever seen it

Did you know that you have thus far missed a flitterbick sighting? I didn't, until three nights ago, when this was revealed as the definition of a Balderdash word. Presumably a real word, though I don't have a print dictionary  thick enough to confirm it.

Maybe that just fits the flitterbick: as difficult to find in reputable print as it is in its mythical world.

At any rate, I like this new word and its quirky definition.  I'm going to pretend that the flitterbicks only come out whenever there is a double rainbow.
Very elusive.  Very fast.

If you're ever doing time-lapse video of a double rainbow and catch a smudge of one when you slow the film down, be sure to let me know.

I've been longing to catch sight of a flitterbick for ever so long.

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