Tuesday, September 27, 2011


"What's that, mommy?"  and he points to a (mole) on  my face.  A so-called beauty mark I've never been that crazy about.
"It's a freckle," I tell him.  (Freckle sounds so much less severe, so I go easy on myself)  Soon after, I discover the first little freckle on top of his ear.  A pinprick of brown I thought was a speck of dirt at first. Not long after, another little one shows up on his left knee.  And now I've discovered a matching one on his other knee.

All so adorable.  So tiny.  Itty bitty reminders that even this little baby is aging into a full-fledged boy: "I not baby!  I big boy!"  His indignation rings out every time he declares this.

I've shown Landon all of his freckles.  Well, the two on his knees.  And I told him about the one on top of the ear.

Tonight, as I was beside him for bedtime stories he pointed to something speckled on my face and said, "Is this mommy's meckle?"
"It is."
He sits up with such a grin.  "Like Landon's meckles?"
"Yep, like Landon's freckles."
"On my ear?"
Oh sweetness, how did you remember that??

I may not be crazy about the random spots I have, but I'm crazy about the little boy who just noticed them, noticed his own, and charms me with words like "meckles."

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