Friday, September 30, 2011

What Time Is It?

Tonight Landon was all about telling us what "time" it was.  At dinner time he declared, "It is not play time.  It is dinner time," and redirected himself away from the toys and back in his chair to take a few more bites.  Then he would be compelled to get up again, back to the toys until he would re-announce, "It is not playtime."  

I got the feeling it was a scenario that must have repeated itself in his day before. 

But ok, whatever.  Who am I to talk?  I spend all my working lunches at my desk, seeing how much facebook or email reading or postcrossing I can do while I eat.  So I'm kind of a multitasking eater, too.

At bedtime, after stories I told Landon it was time to pray.  He sat up and said, "It's pay time."

"I know it's prayer time, Landon.  Let's pray."

"No, pay time."

"PRAY time?"

"No, PAY time."

"That's what I said, pray time.  It's time to pray."

He got so exasperated with me.  Finally, in a desperate attempt at clarity he said, "TOY time, mommy."

Ahhh, play time.

Who's on first?

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