Friday, December 9, 2011

Gumdrop Tree

green foam cone: $2.49

box of toothpicks: .49

two bags of gumdrops: $1.98

having fun with my favorite little boy....


I wish that was the end of it.  It has a nice ring to it, doesn't it?  But aren't you wondering where the "ta-dah!" picture of the finished tree is?  Don't the crafty blogs always have the ta-dah shot?

The tree needed to be admired at eye-level on the coffee table.  That's when it got tipped over and the top of the cone fell off.

No worries, a stumpier tree has its own charm.

And then one night I found a gumdrop in Landon's mouth, half a broken toothpick and all.

No(?) worries, an explanation that this is a decoration and toothpicks can hurt a tummy if swallowed seemed to be enough.

Now our poor little gumdrop tree reminds me of  a patient from an old-time insane asylum.  Like a tortured soul who worries patches of her hair right off her scalp, the poor tree is getting patchy and losing gumdrops.

a bit distressing

Ok, so maybe our lives don't play out like a commercial.  But I'll take the crazy little tree and the memories that came with it and hope that I don't pull out a filling sneaking stale gumdrops.

That would be just priceless, wouldn't it?

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