Sunday, December 4, 2011

Here They Come to Save the Day

The snow falls.  For so many people, it is magical and beautiful, heralding outdoor fun or a reason to light a fire in the fireplace and cozy up with quilts and good books.

For me, it ushers in a new season of tension headaches, teeth grinding, and moments where I forget to breathe.  Because this California-raised girl is no snow driver.  And I certainly don't cherish the hours I spend with the road warriors on slippery roads, all of whom are in various states of reckless urgency about arriving on time.

This weekend, on the way to work, as I was about to merge onto a snow-packed busy road, it seemed I could have cued up the movie music as a caravan of snowplows came around a curve and were going to blaze a trail.

Knights in painted orange, I am so grateful to see you, I almost forget to turn when you don't.

Your early-morning rounds are the biggest reason I'm not stuck in a gutter just blocks from my house.

Because even on a Saturday, we still have places we need to be.  On time.  

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