Monday, January 30, 2012

How January Shapes Up

Maybe when you're surrounded by children's literature, where flights of fancy never even require a ticket, it's easy to forget that arriving at destinations in life's journey is usually a much harder trek.  "We've arrived!" is such a promising proclamation.  It conjures images of good times about to begin, all the hard work of preparing and packing and traveling behind.

January starts with starry-eyed optimism for a new year, a fresh start.  I get infatuated all over again with the promise of potential.  I do.  Every year.  Mostly a realist, most of the time, January is my Valentine's Day of goal-setting.  I mean, we all know that little gifts can't fix a deeply flawed relationship,  and just the same, I know that setting goals does not transform my deeply flawed self.

But sometimes well-chosen chocolate can help smooth some of the rough parts while we take the time to do the work.

Maybe well-chosen goals can help me stay focused on the desired outcomes long enough to remind me to keep doing the work.

My favorite quote for January has been:

"The humble resolution you actually keep is more helpful than the ambitious one you abandon."
~ Gretchen Rubin

 So I'm keepin' it humble.  In hopes that I can keep them at all.

If I'm not fit and skinny with check marks next to every item on a substantial to-do list in six months, I may not be failing.

Maybe I'll still be remembering to take my vitamins, write in our family journal, live in more moments, and say no to random acts of donuts.

I still believe I can accomplish some great goals in 2012...even if I am warming up to it kinda slowly.

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