Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Where Anything is Possible.

Working at a library is a job of many hats, all of which must be worn with humble awareness of the trust someone has placed in you for that role: advisor, life coach, technical guru, confidant, research assistant, cheerleader, sounding board, co-brainstormer, seeker, and most often, finder.

I am more than myself there.

It is among those books, and at those computers that my path intersects with people in the most intimate ways.

Dreamers looking for books to nourish a fledgling dream:
It's my privilege to hand over a book and say, "Go change the world."

Accused looking for knowledge of law and rights and representation:
It's my privilege to hand over a book and say, "I hope you find what you need."

The Frantic needing to print out a resume for the interview they have in 15 minutes:
It's my privilege to grab it hot off the presses and say, "You've got this.  You're gonna be great!"

Planning weddings, managing elder care, transitioning adolescents, overcoming shyness, looking for love, sorting out their hearts, their minds, their very lives.

They come through the door and it is my privilege to say,
 Anything is quite possible here.

You have found your library.

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