Saturday, March 17, 2012

It's the Little Things

If I am to stay true to one of the original reasons I started this blog, it's only proper that I write about the little moments in my little family that I'd like to remember.  Not because I think that the world will think them priceless, (although there is something unifying in our shared experiences) but because down the road, I know I will.  Why I capture them here instead of a spiral bound notebook somewhere is a mystery for another time.

Milestone reached (yesterday): Landon's first pee in the toilet.  It was epic.  At least, for Landon.  The look of sheer amazed delight when he looked up at me was the part I want to remember.  And then he was off to the races as he ran his little naked butt all around the upstairs declaring his accomplishment.  He was so excited, I think it took an extra hour to go to bed tonight.  "I'm ready for my pull-ups!" he announced.  I'm not sure how he gained this insight, seeing as we don't have any pull-ups in the house and haven't been talking about them.

All in all, on a day I spent mostly in bed, still recovering from wisdom-teeth extraction and random liver problems, it was really nice to end on such a good note.

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