Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Backseat Back-Up Singer

We had an eight-track player when I was a kid.  With only a few 8-track cassette tapes to play in it.  One of them was the soundtrack for The Sound of Music.

So it was with a great deal of nostalgia that I put the cd in my car player on the commute home tonight.  I found myself singing with all the wholesome gusto of my ten-year-old self those classic tunes like Do-Re-Mi and Favorite Things. 

In between songs a little voice piped up from the back, "More sawns?" Landon was with me and I could hear additions of "Do!"  and "Ray!" being sung with such sweet, unsyncopated enthusiasm, I couldn't help but get caught up in a new wave of "Man-I-love-that-little-boy" : a sentence Bill and I pass back and forth like the baton of our shared parenthood.

A few of my favorite things?

It's a long, long list and Landon sparkles throughout. 


  1. Love, love, love this!
    We also do the "man, we love these kids!" and then it seems my next thought is always, "I have to slow down and enjoy this; it's going by waaaay too fast."
    This post gave me that warm snuggly feeling because it reminded me of so many of the ways our kids *sparkle* on my long list. I love how you put that.

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  3. I'm smiling big time as I think about Landon (and automatically all the grand kids)... sometimes when am at the school one of the kids will smile and I'm seeing a Brown, a Masters, or a Twibell. A moment of joy and loneliness wrapped up in a greeting, but always a feeling of connection...I sense the kids see my grand kids in my eyes and respond to their new "friends" being played out on the pale blue screen, slightly wet at the corners, but always wide open around three months the faces of my family will have been "viewed" a million times by all who look at me, and I will have seen you all a million times that often.