Monday, February 7, 2011

Bill's Poem

Well, I can't very well mention the poem and not share it, can I?  (Especially when it is about my favorite little boy) 

One Small Step for Landon

It was one small step for a boy—
one playful stride off the shoveled path,
a toddler’s shoe pressed in, pulled back,
a shoe’s imprint in light gray snow,
left to melt in the cold day’s sunshine.

He stared at it.
I stared at him staring at it.
He stepped again.

unmarred surfaces call to his feet?
snow is fun to scrunch?
shoe bottoms leave intriguing patterns?
his legs have untried powers?
he loves to learn about  the world around him?
he could leave his mark?

It was one small step for a man—
one calculated hop off the ladder’s last rung,
a man’s footfall made far from home,
a boot’s gridiron in light gray lunar powder,
left to linger in the airless solar radiation.

We all stared at it.
We stared at him staring at the black and white vista.
Eleven others took that one small step.  

we could finally grab the carrot from the stick?
moon dust might be as fun as snow to scrunch?
flying machines and dune buggies are a kick?
one country proved quicker than another?
we love to learn about the worlds around us?
we could leave our mark?

A little boy took a step today, close by.
A daring man took a step decades ago, far away.
I’ve stepped in snow countless times.
I’ve only dreamed of stepping in moon dust.

I wonder
Where else will Landon’s feet step?
Where will they leave their mark?
What, besides snow and moon dust, is fun to scrunch?


  1. LOVE it! Wow, I had no idea that Bill was such a great poet!

  2. Wow, kudos to Bill for a great poem. I really like it an am also impressed by this talent that I didn't even know he had. What a great piece to save and let Landon read one day! ~Beth

  3. Kindred spirits who share their exuberant imaginations are leaving their imprints in fairy dust and granite! Such a fun poem plays well with our ears, stays in our hearts, and paints a million pictures in a word; wonder! Thanks Bill!