Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Persuaded by Bear

I went to school to learn how to teach effectively. I haven't taken a single hour of parenting classes.

There are times when the only parenting tools that come to mind are not really parenting tools at all, but old classroom management tricks that work for the eight and younger crowd:

"I like how Kayla is showing me she is ready to start."
"Thank you, Jackson, for following instructions."

 Focus on the behavior you want, and thus get more of it.

So what to do when you have an only child?  Who is two?  Who doesn't have the benefit of being positively swayed by praises to others who are leading the way?

It was way past bedtime.  And my little buggy was so tired, he could no longer find the will to move.  Just cry and grouch and fuss and fret.  Kicking at me if I tried to pick him up to move him to his room.  We were at a standoff.

 I found myself using a low, slow Eeyore voice to make Landon's bear speak to him.

"Come, on, Landon, I'm really tired.  Won't you please take me to bed?"

Oh!  Did you hear that, Landon?!  Bear is really tired.

Bear intones on: "Yeah, I want to snuggle with you, Landon.  Let's just go to bed."

Landon wouldn't you like that?  Bear's ready for bed.  Why don't you go upstairs and put him in bed?

Kay?  Please?  Sweet-light-of-my-life-boy-who's-wearing-me-out-tonight.

I don't realize how much I have hanging on whether he is going to go for this newest ploy.  He is exhausted and tottering on the edge of a long and difficult meltdown. 

I'm exhausted and tottering on the edge of one, too.

"Ok, come on, Bear."  He drags Bear by one arm up the stairs. 

I exhale.

Bear's entreaty worked when all mine just stirred the pot.

Thank you, Bear/Eeyore/God.

With no degree in Parenting, I'm just making this stuff up as we go along.


  1. Aw... what an adorable story, Jodi. We all have those moments as parents, and you handled that one with lots of grace! :)

  2. Awesome Jodi. Seriously. I'm pulling the throngs of stuffed animals out of their bins tomorrow to find the nighttime helper - the one to rule them all. :o)