Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Happiness on the Cheap and Free

We thought about the zoo.  It was a gorgeous day and animals would be memorable and fun.  But when we considered the $26 admission fee we knew there must be something else we could do that would still be a family adventure.  As it turns out, we got both: the animals and memorable fun, at The Littleton Historic Museum--for free.

At this functional 1890's farm we saw cows, horses, turkey and sheep.  Including new Spring lambs!

After touring only part of the farm with promises to ourselves to come back (because my favorite part I could repeat any number of times was watching Landon take it all in), we headed to the grocery store.

More animal fun!

For just one penny I could watch my little guy experience surprise, and then delight.
We went all out and bought three rides.

A day we enjoyed.  A day I hope we'll remember.  So far, Landon's sharpest memories were expressed over dinner to our neighbor when he said, "Tow--poopy.  Poopy tow," multiple times for emphasis. (I don't think I  need to detail what he got an up-close and personal view of at the farm.)

My sharpest memories?  Little snapshots of my family enjoying an outing--with a few cents and a lot of wonder.


  1. Too cute!! What a precious time. Blessings to the little Brown family! <3

  2. What a great idea! We'll be checking out the museum soon :) Thanks, Jodi


  3. Loved this, Jode! Timely post as I am sitting here thinking of what I can do with my tribe over spring break that won't cost a fortune. My kids have ridden the penny horses at King Soopers literally dozens of times over the years, since they were L's age. A twinge of sadness as I just realized that I never took a picture of that. So glad that you are savoring these days and capturing the memories in your heart and in pictures. ~Beth

  4. Nice idea! We sometimes take my daughter to the agricultural experimental farm run by the prefectural office in Nara. There we can touch and feed domesticated animals for free. Now that we have flu that intervened by birds and swines, we can't go in but when the spring comes, we may be able to go there again. It must have been a good experience & memories for your lovely son.