Monday, March 14, 2011

How Well Do You Know Roy?

Roy G. Biv
Presumably, that reminds you of the colors in the rainbow.  If it doesn't, well--bonus for you: Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, Violet.  That little name may help you remember them sometime.

But without googling it, would you be able to say if the red starts on the inside of a rainbow arc or on the outside?

As we approach St. Patrick's day, one starts giving more thought to rainbows.  When this question popped into my head, I couldn't decide what the answer was.

I was rescued by this beautiful array of images.

What are the little things that have snagged you up?
You probably have the visual memory for rainbows, but maybe you can't remember if an avocado is a fruit or veggie.  (Ok, I can't decide that, either)
Maybe you have forgotten if a kilometer is shorter or longer than a mile. 
Maybe you know that this symbol ~ has a name, but the name presently escapes you.

How did we ever satisfy our curiosity, win disagreements with our dearests, calculate, translate, convert or cite before Google?

Were we more or less curious when the answers were not .23 seconds away from our inquiry?

I'm kind of wondering if I googled that question if anyone has been writing on that topic.....

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  1. I encountered Roy just today in a book I purchased. I have seen him around here and there and now I can put a name with his face