Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Little Monkey/Little Fish

Little Monkey.  We've said it affectionately about Landon for most of his mobile life.  I guess it doesn't hurt that I like most representations of monkeys, and didn't mind transferring those fond feelings to Landon.  (Not "like" as in I collect them fiendishly and have a monkey-themed kitchen--just "like" as in I might buy a notepad with monkeys on it before I'd buy one with penguins)

Tonight, my Little Monkey started earning a new nickname: Little Fish.

In the bath he discovered that he can float on his back.  Have you SEEN anything cuter than a sweet baby face framed in bubbles with the look of pure satisfaction at having discovered a new ability?

Of course I wanted Bill to see it.  We clapped.  And praised.  And all three of us shared huge grins.  Bill went back to cleaning the kitchen. (sweet man)  Maybe more endearing than his first discovery, was Landon wanting Daddy to come back and keep watching him try to master it.

He stuck his soapy head out of the bath and shouted his loudest, "Daddy!"  When Bill didn't come back, he wanted me to know he was hoping Daddy knew what he was working on. 
"Daddy, bubbles.  Daddy wah-er."  He would show me his float again and keep talking about Daddy.

I know he was happy to soak up my praise for floating.  He was absolutely thrilled to show Daddy.  Any which way, I'm just happy we got our "something better" so quickly.

I think I know a Little Fish who might get swim lessons for his birthday. 

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  1. That is so sweet! If swim lessons work out, we'd like to pitch in for those as Little Fish's birthday present.