Thursday, March 10, 2011

Three Scenarios

Last night as I got into bed Bill said seriously, "Ok, I've come up with three scenarios."
"Three scenarios for what?"
"Three scenarios in which you could get your sanity back."

I started to laugh.  Not a courtesy laugh, but a genuine, oh-my-it-has-been-too-long laugh.

My sanity? Just how crazy does he think I am?

As I lay there enjoying the smile the laugh had faded into, something rustled above my head.  Apparently I had gotten into bed with my sunglasses still on my head.

"I guess most people don't go to bed with sunglasses," I say good-naturedly.
"Yeah, most people don't keep wearing them well after dark, either," he replies.

Maybe I'm a little crazier than I thought.
Surely I'm not the only one who uses sunglasses as a hair accessory? 

The ironic thing is, the sunglasses weren't even what prompted this conversation!

As it stands, Bill continues to devise optimistic plans for me and my missing sanity.


  1. ROFL! I love it Jodi. And I'm so glad you're married to such an optimistic soul who will help you keep your sanity (once you find it again, that is.)
    Sanity seems to disappear in spurts around here. The other day, I couldn't find my car keys and found them in the fridge. Wish I could say it was Beckett, but it wasn't. It was me.

  2. Hi Jodi, I'm embarrassed to say I have gotten behind reading blogs...just caught up on quite a few. Loved the one about L's diaper rash. Brought is a recipe a friend swears by...and it's organic. 1 C. distilled water..2 t. distilled white vinegar. and 1/8 t. tea tree oil. Keep in mind in case it happens again. Hope all is well!!!