Thursday, August 4, 2011

Good Night, Gorilla

He has always been a happy baby. 
He's got a first-rate laugh when tickled, when delighted, when surprised, when happy.

But the other night I realized that he is developing a sense of humor, too.
When did my baby become a little boy who gets a kick out of a subtle joke in a picture book?!

So Good Night Gorilla gets a special mention because it made my little boy truly laugh.  He got the giggles over this book, and that's a moment I don't want to soon forget.

This clever little gorilla follows the unsuspecting zookeeper around, unlocking each animal as the zookeeper says goodnight.  Landon puts his finger up to his mouth and says, "Shhh," when he sees this picture.  He pinches his little fingers together and pretends to turn a key in each lock.

When the animals follow the zookeeper home and all try to crash in his bedroom, the wife wakes up and takes them all back to the zoo.

Except for that clever little gorilla and his mouse sidekick.

This is the picture that cracks him up.  
Mouse gets the final goodnight, (after many other unsuccessful ones) and everyone else has fallen asleep. 

Gorilla is exactly where he wanted to be all along.  
That silly little gorilla.

My little monkey has made this one of his most requested lately.
Oh, the bittersweet of library books.  I'll hate to say goodbye to this crew who gives Landon the giggles.

At least I know there's more waiting where that one came from.

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  1. I just shared this story with Stephen this past week. He loved it too. We actually watched the story on BookFlix. If you have access you should check it out. It's really well done.