Thursday, August 4, 2011

You Make Me Laugh: Twice

Two little girls found me at my library desk to ask for movies about magicians.  And as conversations with little patrons do, the conversation wound around to all sorts of things.

I'm fascinated.

By their animated stories of their pets.
A riveting retelling of their dog's untimely death.
The way they bounce around from topic to topic and I somehow manage to follow along.

The two of them are like the conversational equivalent of a ping-pong game.  Their comments bounce back and forth between them in a seamless rhythm.  I don't have to say much, just a question here and there, and they are off and bouncing again, finishing each other's sentences, and even saying things simultaneously.  (Rather remarkably, actually)

So cute.  So funny.  So nine.
I'm quite taken with them.

We're wrapping up when I ask, "So are you girls twins or just sisters?"
"Yes, we're twins."
"Are you fraternal or identical?"
They look at each other and laugh.  The first thing they have said that didn't match.
You could almost hear the little ping pong ball clattering off the table.

But they got it sorted out between themselves and came back with a unified description of how they are fraternal twins, and a story told in stereo of the identical twins in their class who they call by the wrong names.  We all laugh and they're about to skip off, when one of them clarifies for me,

"Oh, but we're also sisters."

I can't help it.  I laugh out loud.

Of course you are.  I should have guessed.  I'm glad we got that all cleared up.

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