Tuesday, January 18, 2011

An Author Worth Reading

Less than a month ago our friend lost her husband abruptly, unexpectedly.  A mom with two sweet little boys.  A wife who adored her husband and had recently celebrated an unforgettable tenth anniversary.  But she is also a writer, and has taken everyone who knows her near the heart of her grief with her words.  With facebook and a blog and by speaking at his funeral, she has expressed herself so beautifully and powerfully.  We mourn with her.  With her and for her and beside her, with no answers, only love.  She continues to write.  The number of people following her blog and facebook page continues to grow.  It's a journey of epic proportions, and to get to follow any part of it at all is a sacred honor. 

I'm entirely new to blogging, and just trying to find my way.  Tricia is an old pro, doing what she does best, and doing it with a brave transparency that you can't miss.  She has already touched so many people; I invite you to let her story speak to you, as well.

Her post titled "Final Hours"

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