Sunday, January 30, 2011

Can You Pass This Simple Little Test?

I found this elsewhere, but thought it interesting enough to put here.  Without giving too much away, can I suggest you click on the link below and see if you pass?  It leads to some interesting observations either way:


How'd you do?
I don't want to say about me unless a few of you chime in.


  1. So, I had to restart the test because I clicked start and then realized my speakers weren't turned on so I couldn't hear the waves. I bumped my keyboard turning them on and FAILED. lol I restarted it and passed. I did notice that I'm a fidgeter (I already knew this...) and started rocking around on my chair, wiggling my toes...and my back hurts today. Around the :45 seconds left mark I had the urge to try to click around the site, but ignored it and it went away...until the :30. I still ignored it, but my mind definitely started to wander. Good thing my hands were busy propping my head up :)

  2. I got a "well done." I could hear the television in the background--which was a little odd--and a more "local" bird in Ohio as opposed to a seagull. Nonetheless, realized I desperately need a vacation.

  3. Sarah, that's how I failed the first time, too! Anne, since I don't know you personally (at least, I don't think I do) I went to your blog and ready EVERY post. Yeah, I'm good like that. : ) Thanks for stopping in...I would bet ten dollars on who we might know in common.