Monday, January 10, 2011

Looking Toward Spring

Earlier last year we had  made the beginnings of plans for a vacation to Maryland.  Bill's uncle had a guest house, and promised to show us the best of Washington DC.  We began dreaming of museums and monuments and cherry blossoms in the Spring.

A large dose of reality splashed us, and we decided that this Spring would probably not be the ideal time to be spending over a thousand on a vacation.  So maybe you can relate to my angst when Bill casually mentioned in his brainstorming kind of way that maybe I would like to take some Vacation Time during his Spring Break so we could organize our office.  (Office used loosely to describe the space the computer and bookshelves occupy in our bedroom)  And hey, maybe it would be a good idea to go through the garage while we're at it.

I know we're going frugal and all, but it seemed an awfully dismal metamorphis from "Adventure in an iconic, fascinating place of historical importance" to "organize some random stacks of paperwork"--almost like the butterfly turning back to a larvae as far as attractive ideas go.

I haven't given up hope for the cherry blossoms, though.  I think I hear the Denver Botannical Gardens beckoning us for a Springtime "vacation."  Right after I search my newly organized office for the calendar that shows us their free admission days...

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