Friday, January 21, 2011

My Brush With Fame

She came in wearing a Belle costume.  Shimmery yellow, floor-length dress, puffy sleeves and a plastic brooch of Belle in the middle in case there was any doubt. 

"Belle!" I exclaimed, louder than you would expect in a library.  "I had no idea I would see you here today.  Do you mind giving me an autograph?!"  I ran over with my post-it note pad and a pen.

She looked up at her mom with question-mark eyebrows, and her mom said yes, she could give her autograph.  And while she awkwardly clutched the little pad and pen I saw her trying not to smile as she etched out "lily"*.  

I thanked her profusely, asked her to call on me if she needed help finding any of her books, and can I just say one more time that  I was so pleased and delighted to actually meet her? 

As she walked away I saw the smile she was holding back come popping out all over her face, and jeans peeking out from under her dress.

I turned back to my desk to find my boss standing behind me; she had seen the whole thing.  "You are a crazy nut," she said, "But the smile on that kid's face is priceless."

I had to agree.

*name changed


  1. And this just proves that you are the best! Thanks for making that little girls day! Every little girl dreams to be a princess and you helped her achieve that.

  2. Oh Jodi, that is awesome! I hope that next year maybe when GBear comes tromping through the library dressed as Tinkerbell, she'll get such a loving affirmation of her wardrobe choice.
    You are so good at what you do!