Saturday, January 8, 2011

He makes more work for me, but he lightens my load

A good cook always checks in on his product

He would blend anything all day if he could
I don't like to be the only one working in my house.  Immature, yes, but so it is.  I have begun to realize that having Landon is a perfect solution to that dilemma, because he loves to help out in any which way he can.  Even if his helping is creating more work.  And because I find this completely endearing, it makes my work seem more like a joy to see how a 20-month-old is going to tackle the job. 

Before he helped with dinner, I had to clean the bathrooms.  Landon at the ready with paper towels and his own spray bottle of water to help!  He wipes whenever I wipe; he climbs up on the counter and plays in the water in the sink.  He watches me attentively with the mirror, and just being with him makes the whole thing rewarding. 

So I'm content and busy and feeling that self-satisfied glow of taking on this onerous task that I usually hate.

And Landon is content and busy and...using that little white thing that covers the screw on the toilet floor as a little cup and drinking from it.  Gross. Gross. Gross.  I say it emphatically, and he tries to repeat it with my same growing insistence. 

Ok, so maybe our colabor arrangements need some perfecting.

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  1. Ahhh- JT went through a phase of utter fascination with those- it all started in a hotel room. I nearly barfed. Thankfully he quickly outgrew it- although I did leave all the bathroom doors closed for MONTHS just in case.