Saturday, January 15, 2011

Hop Off Your High Pony

I won't deny it, there was a time in my life that I rode around on a very high horse.  A lofty, noble steed that kept me believing that I could shape my destiny any way I chose.  While I may have had a lot to offer back then, grace wasn't in the top ten.  It's painful to fall from a high horse.  Thankfully, my fall left me too bruised to have the strength to get back on, and later I had no desire to.

When you've spent some time in the mud, you're not so uptight about a little dirt now and then.

I got a speeding ticket on the freeway today.  Not because I was late and rushing (a more probable reason) but because I was listening to an audio book about a girl who was deported to Siberia during World War II and was utterly transported.  I just got swept up in the narration and apparently my foot got swept away, too.
I must have been having a hard time returning to 2011 urban commute because when the officer asked me what I thought the speed limit was I said, "Sixty?"  Sixty?!  Where and when has that ever been a highway speed limit?  55, 65, 75...those are pretty much the signs I've been passing my whole driving life, what about you?
So I got my golden ticket, but it was for 155 dollars and not a tour of an exclusive chocolate factory and I decided I better 'fess up and tell Bill earlier than later so it wouldn't dent our evening when I got home from work.  He tells me, "Well, I wasn't going to tell you this yet, but I did something pretty foolish today, too.  I found the cordless out of it's cradle AGAIN, and I got so annoyed that I threw it across the room.  It broke."  If you knew my husband you would know what an anomalous, hard-to-picture moment that was for me.  At first I wanted to admonish him: Really?  Did Landon see it? (ok, actually I did say that at first)
Whoa, missy-- you better hop down off your high pony and acknowledge you have the bigger error in judgment to overlook here.  The dramatic demise of our cheap cordless which was already on the fritz or $155 leading to higher insurance premiums for the next seven YEARS.... 

I really need to sell that pony.  I'm thinking I'd take $150 for it...give or take a new cordless phone.


  1. Today.... I was about to challenge someone on something (all to remain undisclosed).... when the phrase..."hop off your high pony" popped into my mind. thanks!! jg

  2. Jodi- I love this! I am stealing your quote "When you've spent some time in the mud, you're not so uptight about a little dirt now and then." I shall use it. I have recently been curious about blogs too and started one this week. I will follow you. I love your writing. I will call you soon to set up a new time to meet with you guys!