Saturday, January 8, 2011

The Book I'll Wait My Whole Life to Read

In this millisecond-short life we live, something sad or senseless, or tragic happens and we ask God, Why? I think it is like interrupting Him mid-sentence. I imagine getting to heaven and seeing the entire piece God was composing: the prologue, the intro, ALL the chapters, and the Epilogue. On that day, without needing any help in literary analysis, I imagine each one of us will be able to say, "God, you wrote a very good story. It satisfies my heart.  And the ending?  Awesome." Our hearts break in this chapter nonetheless.

For us, "this chapter" means three deaths and two funerals in three weeks.  It means saying goodbye to our unborn baby, good-bye to a friend made recently and a friend known since childhood.  It means standing beside those left behind, and hoping that when all words fail, our love can form a little cast into which the pieces of their shattered hearts can rest while they heal back together.

And it means there are all the more reasons to eagerly await  seeing God's author signature in the Book of Life.  The story of our lives, and their lives. The lives of everyone we've ever lost and who went before.  I mean, I know the names are listed in the front and all, but couldn't the whole, life-restoring, joy-amazing, neverending story be told in the pages that follow?

The Bible is His bestseller here.  I like to think that He has His bestseller for Heaven, too. The one in which we'll get to see and understand the whole story.  Then "why" won't be a question we even think to ask. 

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  1. Thank you for writing this beautiful post, giving hope and life to someone who also has many questions.